Magnetic Bathroom Accessories Set

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1. This toothpaste dispenser to get more accurate and stable toothpaste, adults and children are very suitable to use.Allows your kids the ability to dispense the toothpaste themselves, without making a mess.
2. Toothbrush slot with inverted cup design, dustproof, quick drain, keep toothpaste, toothbrush and cup dry and clean, avoid bacterial reproduction, safer and healthier to use.
3. Wall-mounted, no drilling, no nails, no damage, strong bonding, stable and safe.
Two Cups :
Size:23*13.2*10cm Weight:550g
Three Cups:
Size:30*13.2*10cm Weight:700g
Four Cups:
Size:37*13.2*10cm Weight:890g
1. When installing the sticker, first wipe the surface of the wall, then squeeze the air between the sticker and the wall, Do not remove the sticker for repeated installation.
2. It's best not to hang anything within 24 hours after sticking.
3. Empty the air inside the toothpaste, then push the pump 5-10 times.
4. Please note that the set you choose is correct.

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