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Motion Sensor LED

22cm 80LED-4 pcs
22cm 80LED-2 pcs
22cm 80LED-1 pcs
39cm 160LED-1 pcs
30cm 120LED-4 pcs
30cm 120LED-2 pcs
30cm 120LED-1 pcs
39cm 160LED-4 pcs
39cm 160LED-2 pcs

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Mode Switch

*Press the S2 key twice to switch modes* 1. Constant light mode: the light will always be on. 2. Night induction mode: the light will not work during the day. At night, when the human body passes by, it will automatically turn on and turn off after a period of time. 3. All-day induction mode: The light will always maintain the induction mode. Within 24 hours, when the human body passes by, it will automatically turn on and turn off after a period of time.

Adjust The Induction Time

*Press the S2 key once to adjust the induction time* The light flashes yellow light twice: the induction time is 20s The light flashes yellow light 4 times: the induction time is 40s The light flashes yellow light 6 times: the induction time is 60s

Switch Light Color

Press the S1 button once to switch the light color Light color: Dual color temperature (white light + warm light), White light, Warm light

Adjust Light Brightness

Adjust light brightness Long press the S1 button to change the brightness of the light(10%~100%).

Customer Reviews

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Dave Mann

Very fast shipping, to Chile 11 days, well packed, good quality product and good terminations.

Vernice Carroll

Good quality with magnet mount Awesome. Very bright I buy another several

Zion Brown

5-7days arrived in high, month both charging and immediately got a few minutes green light the shock absorber is also popular and late anything need extra, front shock absorber was. Sensor Electronic component measurement cosplay girls several try with saw, original for writing it compared to the sensor's sensitivity is high level is not as. But, whopping 160 PCs of LED lights, children of brightness manually adjustable can be bent, lights for the three modes switch may have and; night as well as in daylight sensor function can be put on also, sensor turns on when the lighting time of length wholesale three modes the adjustable stand function also seems good. A little more closer look, do not know sensor function of sensitivity but finely original than I on to grow up as well; brightness is adjustable, sensor with its adjustable's ability in very exceptional products can be called. Original for writing it is cuboid shaped downlight cob for AA battery the month put in writing it's day, get up in the middle of the night toilet itchy when can long use have been used. This compared, newly purchased led the dark places when working for Flash for also available with dirty sensor acts such as the the even more colorful function luminous suggests.

Alexie Wisoky

Very nice lamp .. Fully corresponds to the description... Fast delivery .. Communicative seller ..

Bartholome Greenholt

Wonderful. Sensitive to moment. Will buy more