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Outdoor Dog Toy Traction Rope Ground Pile


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Outdoor Dog Toy Traction Rope Ground Pile Ground Nail Pet Chew Toy Cleaning Dog Toothbrush Molar Stick Toothbrush Pet Supplies

Outdoor Dog Toy Leash Dog Pile Interactive Push Ball Toy Tooth Cleaning Chew Toy Molar Stick Toothbrush Pet Supplies
Name: Outdoor fixed pile toy
Material: Plastic
Color:  blue,yellow,green
Packing list:
1 set of pet bite toys
1. He has different combinations. The first is a ball with a peg to allow him to play freely.
2. Multi-function: It can be used as a toy or a tooth cleaning tool to keep pets' teeth clean.
3. Fixing the stake: This string can be attached to any clean, level grass, meaning your dog can chew on it, grab it, and amuse your dog as much as he wants by simply twisting it downward on the grass or beach with his hands.
4. Sturdy and durable: able to withstand dog bites and divert the attraction of dog bites on sofas, pillows, etc.
5. Wide range of application: Suitable for playing in yard, home, park, seaside, let go of arms, let the toy tease your puppy.
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