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Interactive pet dog cat toy training with luminous ball


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1. Details suction cup design: The cat toy can stand upright for up to 24 hours without falling to the ground. You can also stick the suction cup on any flat surface such as tiles, glass, bathtubs, mirrors, coated wood or plastic to observe the dog.
2. Safe and soft material: Our cat toys are made of environmentally friendly and soft silicone. Make sure to massage and groom gently without painfully removing fur or scratching the cat's skin.
1. Unique design-all designs conform to the cat's design, and self-entertainment.
Convenience-Cat turning windmill is easy to attach to any surface with adhesive, and can be rotated, allowing your cat to play, have fun and be healthy.
3. We strive to provide you with the best products and the best customer experience. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will deal with them in time.
3. Reduce cat anxiety-the cat can reduce cat anxiety by turning the windmill. Watching your kitten play for hours, turning the windmill cat toy gives your cat all the feline fun without causing confusion! Most importantly, you can leave them all at home. You don't have to worry about cats running around.
4. Multiple uses-There are two transparent dustbins on the circular blades of the windmill, where light balls, bells and mint balls can be placed to attract cats. When the windmill moves slightly, it will rotate so that the cat likes not to let go of its paws, and there is a hair and face friction device in the middle.
Type: Windmill Cat Toy
Material: TPR
Quantity: 1
Product color: blue and yellow
Product size: about 15.8x7.4x6.9 cm
1 *Cat toys and catnip (with luminous ball)



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